Eyes of the Stone Thief

A Bard's Tale II

Battle at the Gates

After what seemed like hours of debate,
our heroes finally arrived at a plan they could initiate.
They hid behind rocks to lure out a troll,
it guarded against passage because death was it’s toll.
The great chasm was filled with the sound of music,
it reverberated against walls with complexity no one could mimic.
With their plans set in motion,
the heroes began there assault with fuel emotion.
Bolts of fire were launched ahead,
their victims unvexed would remain timid.
Suddenly a monk came flying through the air,
landing on the ramparts dispatched enemies with little care.
With fleet of foot among the heroes came a warrior,
only to be confronted with a moat filled with fetid water.
Raising up from the sewage came a wall of translucent jelly,
engulfing the nearest hero, it was quite unfortunate really.
Bones breaking, acid dissolving, at the gates death would be rife,
but the songs of battle filled the heroes’ hearts with life.
Bellowing deep beneath the earth,
a great an monstrous sound came forth.
The floor and ceiling bucked and clenched,
as if cave itself was alive and ready to have its denizens crunched.
Unperturbed the heroes battled on,
until the last remaining orc smiled and said bring it on.
with its sanguimancy the orc will conjure torrents of blood,
our heroes may well be face down in the mud.


Avemier Primarycluster

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