Bretta Brewpounder

Dwarven Runic Forger


Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin

STR: 16
CON: 14
DEX: 8
INT: 8
WIS: 10
CHA: 18

AC: 18
PD: 14
MD: 14

HP: 33
Recoveries: 8, 1d10+3

Icon Relationships:
Priestess (2 – Positive)
The Dwarf King (1 – Conflicted)

Racial Power:
That’s Your Best Shot?
– 1/battle; free action; been hit; use recovery; if escalation < 2, then recover/2; must be on self able to stand

Cleric Training
– gain Hammer of Faith (1d12 weapon damage)
Divine Domain
– gain Life or Death (1/day; you and allies gain +1 to death saves…1/battle; each player adds escalation die to single save; anyone dies only when -HP = full HP)
Lay on Hands
– 2/day; quick action; heal with touch; spend recovery; recipient gets recover +10HP

Lay on Hands (A)
– Add Charisma Modifier x 2 to recoveries

Plate Armor
Warhammer (named Chaos Tenderizer)
Throwing Axe
Runic Books, Cloak, Smith Tools, Food, Bedroll, Light Source

Runic Study and Experimentation (3)
Weaponsmith (2)
Explorer for Craft Knowledge (2)
Fine Craft Brew Consumer (1)


Bretta grew up in the Forge, where she learned the trade of weaponsmithing like her father before her and his father before him and his mother before him, and so on and so forth. It is a long line of weaponsmithers despite the surname of Brewpounder, which came from Bretta’s great grandfather. It was her grandmother who passed down the art of pounding steel and the art of pounding ales became a hobby.

While Bretta was one of the better smiths around, she did something that hadn’t been seen in the dwarven lands for centuries: she slowly learned the art of rune magic. Instead of finding rare magic items and keep, caring, and bragging about them, she was able to make her own. Granted, not super powerful yet, nor worth bragging about, but she constantly searches the world for any more knowledge to add to her meager collection of ancient texts. She first found an old text that mentioned the theory of rune forging. After more study and experimentation, her warhammer glows with runes that swirl in a labyrinthine pattern.

Kind hearted in nature, she wishes to protect innocent beings. This drive, combined with her passion for powerful knowledge used for good, and in alignment with the Priestess’ ideals, gives her a holy power that fuels her runes and her strength.

Bretta Brewpounder

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