Innkeeper, master of fate.


Race: Human
Class: The Occultist
Level: 4

STR: 11
CON: 13
DEX: 12
INT: 19
WIS: 18
CHA: 13

AC: 17
PD: 15
MD: 19

Recoveries: 9
Recovery Roll: 4d6 + 1
Initiative: +5

Icon Relationships
Archmage: +-1
Priestess: -1
Crusader: -1

Innkeeper – 4
Wandering Mystic – 4

One Unique Thing
Dosh’s soul is bound to a fragment of a long-dead, primeval goddess of fate, the source of his powers.

Class Features

  • Arcane Implements
  • Delayed Magical Healing
  • Focus and Spellcasting
  • Karmic Rebuke
  • Spell Choices and Flexible Recharge
  • Uniqueness


  • Brain-Melting Secrets
  • Otherworld Shadow
  • Stance of Necessity
  • Warp Flesh


  • Brain-Melting Secrets
  • Timely Mistake
  • Otherworld Shadow
  • Stance of Necessity
  • Diversion of Pain

Magic Items

  • +1 Wand of Mindbending,:When you cast an arcane attack spell using this wand, you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage with that spell if it targets Mental Defense. Quirk: Uses pedantically circumlocutious phraseology.
  • 1 Clever Step Robes (1 AC): You gain a +4 bonus to all defenses against opportunity attacks. Quirk: Likes to dance little jigs.

Dosh is, or rather was, a friendly and affable innkeeper in Shor’s Watch, an out-of-the-way village that largely stays out of greater world affairs. He’s still a friendly and affable man, but “innkeeper” is probably no longer an accurate descriptor as he has become something much greater. Roughly one year ago a mysterious stranger visited Dosh’s inn and offered to pay for a room using a lump of strange metal, lustrous black and composed of impossible angles that made it almost painful to look at. The moment Dosh touched it he was overwhelmed by a vision. For a moment, he glimpsed all possible futures with complete clarity. He can now only recall vague impressions of that vision, but the one certainty was that any future where he remained in Shor’s Watch was doomed. After the vision the strange metal and the stranger were gone and he found himself connected to some kind of presence, something both intimately a part of him and yet completely alien. Dosh set out, determined to discover just what it is he is connected to.

Some time at the library in Santa Cora has led him to believe he came into contact with a fragment of a long-dead, primeval goddess of fate named Ananke, and his soul has somehow been bonded to it. Soon after he fled the city, after narrowly evading capture by multiple agents alternately claiming to work for the Priestess or the Crusader. Apparently, Dosh’s investigations have drawn the attention of both icons who see him as a threat to the established order set by the current pantheon of gods.

Dosh has also had some contact with agents of the Archmage, who has taken a particular interest in the fact that Dosh appears to be connected to something divine, yet manifests arcane powers rather than divine ones. For his part, Dosh isn’t very fond of being studied and is rather reluctant to get too involved with the Archmage.


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