Gyra Drac'het

Demonic druid


Race: Dark Elf
Class: Druid

STR: 13
CON: 16
DEX: 21
INT: 8
WIS: 16
CHA: 10

AC: 17 (18 with magic armor)
PD: 18
MD: 15

Recoveries: 8
Recovery Roll: 4d6 + 3
Initiative: +9

Icon Relationships
Crusader: 2 – positive
Diabolist: 1 – conflicted

Diabolist Apprentice – 3
Demon Hunter – 2
Torturer – 2
Spy – 1

One Unique Thing
Demonic Druid – All forms and magic are demonic in nature. (See Bio)

Class Features

  • Divine Implements
  • Druidic Summoning
  • Nature Talking
  • Wilderness Survival


  • Shifter Adept
  • Elemental Caster Initiate


  • Fire Mastery (Adv)
  • Beast Form Attack (Adv)
  • Owlbear Aspect (Adv)
  • Behemoth Aspect (Adv)


  • Demon hide/scale armor (light)
  • Short spears made from demon bone (melee/ranged)
  • Armor of the Heedless – +1AC; Gain a +4 to all defenses during first turn in battle. Qurk: Needlessly provocative.

Gyra always had some natural, but twisted, talent with druidic magic. A few centuries ago the Diabolist found Gyra and recognized her “potential”. It is unclear if Gyra worked with the Diabolist at her own free will, was tricked in her naive youth, or was actually controlled through some type of magic. During Gyra time under the Diabolist’s rule she mastered her demonic druid magic and totally didn’t do any unspeakable horrors.

Much more recently Gyra was “liberated” by the Crusader when he conquered the hellhole that would become First Triumph. She worked with him for a few years, hunting demons and helping to conquer hellholes, before eventually striking out on her own, though she still have a very strong relationship with her savior. Gyra is now having her first view of the world without the veil of the Diabolist or Crusader telling her what to think, and it has been quite a learning experience. Gyra tells some people that she is seeking her redemption – she doesn’t really believe she’s done anything wrong – but people just seem to be more comforted hearing that after seeing her turn into a demon bear. She will still try to convince people that the Crusader is going to save everyone, and talks with her about the Diabolist become . . . interesting. Gyra will usually concede that the Diabolist is not a good person, but feels that the Diabolist cared for her (not that the Diabolist raised her personally, but Gyra understands that it was just because the Diabolast was too busy) and if the Diabolist appeared right now, Gyra’s first action might very well be to embrace her.

Gyra Drac'het

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