Heimskr Redmane

Soldier of Fortune, Wanderer, Storyteller, Musician


Level 5
Race: Human
Class: Commander/Bard

Class Features
Commands and Command Points
Commander melee attacks

Fight from the Front: When you hit with a commander melee attack during your turn, gain 1d4 command points.

Weigh the Odds: Standard action Gain 1d4 command points. Once per day, add your Charisma modifier to the number of command points you gain when you use this action.

Martial Training

Battle Captain: Once per battle when you have 2 or more command points left after giving a command, you can use another interrupt action on a different ally’s turn before the start of your next turn.

Moment of Glory: When you roll initiative, also roll a d4 and record the result. As a free action, you can add the result to a single attack roll made by one of your nearby allies later this battle. (It’s a free action, so you can add the result after seeing the roll.)

Commands & Tactics
Basic Tactical Strike
Hit Harder
Rally Now
Save Now
Try Again
You are a Precious Snowflake

Class Features
Bardic Songs
Battle Cries
Bard flexible melee attacks

Class Talents
Dwarf King’s Drinking Song
Enemy Dice: Elf Queen, Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows
Archmage’s Quatrain
Enemy Dice: Diabolist, Lich King, Orc Lord

Take two additional points of backgrounds; you can use these additional points to raise a background that has something to do with history, bardic lore, or magical knowledge up to the usually impossible rating of +6.
Take a single point of relationship with the Archmage. Add the point to a relationship you already have up to your normal maximum, or start a new one positive, conflicted, or negative.

Once per scene when one of your allies rolls relationship dice for an icon, you can tell a one or two sentence story (usually related to the icon, but perhaps otherwise pivotal) that allows them to reroll the relationship check if they don’t like the first result. Depending on the situation, your story might sway the opinion of people who are in a position to help your friend, or it might inspire that friend to achieve more. Perhaps you impress on people the urgency of the situation, or remind your friend of previous victories. Treat this situation as a roleplaying opportunity that may or may not work out depending on the reroll of the relationship dice.

Battle Cries
It’s All Yours!
Pull it Together!
Stay Strong!

Songs and Spells
(Battle Chant) 3rd Level
(Song of Aid) 3rd Level
Ode to the Dwarves (Song of Heroes) 3rd Level
Vicious Mockery

Fight from the Front
Weigh the Odds
Many Fronts
Battle Chant
Rally Now

Gold Pieces 50
+1 Longsword, Glaezentorg the Bloody
Leather Armor (Light Armor)

Glaezentorg the Bloody
Recharge 11+ when you hit with an attack that uses this weapon and you stagger or drop an enemy, make another attack this turn as a free action.
Quirk: Speaks in a low and unnatural growling voice.

Chainmail of Iron Will

Stalwart Cloak


One Unique Thing
Heimskr, while drunk, can talk to trees. Whether or not they listen is another matter of its own.

Icon Relationships
Archmage Positive 1
The Emperor Conflicted 1
The Dwarf King Conflicted 1
Elf Queen Conflicted 1

+2 Military Background. Served in the Emperor’s army from a young age, eventually discharged.
+4 Music and Dwarven Culture Backround. Went on a bender and lived (and drank) with the Dwarves, sharing stories and playing music.
+2 Musician. Before his grandfather died, Heimskr was given the family Bagpipes, and has played them ever since.
+2 Adventuring Background. Recently has been wandering the world seeing what there is to see and helping other adventurers when ever possible.

Horizon Roll navigation: 27

Heimskr Redmane

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