Helia Argyrys

A Misunderstood Necromancer


Race Aasimaar
Class Necromancer

DEX 11
INT 18
CHA 18

HP 36
Initiative 4
AC 13
PD 13
MD 18
Recoveries 8
Recovery Dice 4d6 – 1

Icon Relationships
Lich King: Negative 1
Priestess: Positive 2

One Unique Thing The avatar of the goddess Vrykolia, goddess of undead and death.
Charlatan (3)
Priest (5)

Skeletal Minion
Cackling Soliliquist

Wasting Away
Skeletal Minion Ablaze

Summon Undead
Chant of Endings
Summon Horror
Negative Energy Shield
The Bones Beneath
Channel Life


Helia doesn’t remember her parents. Her earliest memories are of being in a traveling show, doing tricks for small towns and stealing from them where she could.

By the time she was 16, she had begun developing magical powers. Never the heartiest person in the crew, she still could dazzle the crowds with her magic shows.

All of this changed during an evening show. She was doing her usual tricks, with noises and lights, when the stablehands brought out the horses for the next act too early. One of her explosions happened too near to the horses and they bolted, tearing the reigns from the hands of the stablehand.

Startled, she tripped backwards, hitting her head on a rock behind her. When she awoke, she … knew things.

She could summon the dead from anywhere, and in her mind she heard a voice, telling her about how she needed to fight against the Lich King. How he was perverting the undead, and how she was the chosen one.

Within the week, she had left the traveling show. She was unsure of who this Lich King was, as there was no talk of an individual by this name, but she traveled. She learned. And eventually, she heard rumblings of a new undead king who called himself emperor. How many years it was after her awakening, she didn’t know. She immediately set out after him, intent on destroying him and fulfilling her purpose.

She failed.

She doesn’t remember how she failed, or how many times she has failed. She only knows that her purpose is to stop him. If he isn’t stopped, the world could be destroyed. The gods could be destroyed.

She has awakened again after her last failure, and she has felt a tugging towards a group of people. Why they are important, she doesn’t know, but she does know that they are her destiny.

Helia Argyrys

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