A Monk on a mission


Race: Human
Class: Monk


STR: 18
DEX: 18
CON: 12
WIS: 16
INT: 8
CHA: 10
HP: 24
Recoveries: 8, 4d8+1
Initiative: +12
AC: 15
PD: 15
MD: 12
Ki: 5

Icon Relationships

The Three; Negative Relationship 3

One Unique Thing

Only monk not working for the Three.


Leaf on Wind [p. 71]
Overworld Lineage [p. 72]
Greeting Fist (7 Deadly Secrets) [p. 70]


Claws of the Panther [p. 73]
Way of the Metallic Dragon [p. 75]
Dance of the Mantis


Become the Dragon [p. 75]
Greeting Fist Adventurer [p. 70]
Adventurer Ki Feat
Improved Initiative
Predator Returns

Ki Powers

Opening the Death Gate: When you deal Greeting Fist damage, you can spend 1 point of Ki to double that damage (as usual, a crit would then triple that damage).
Wind’s Comrade: You can spend 1 point of Ki during your turn to gain light until the end of your turn.
Imperial Phoenix Flare: Once per day when you are staggered, you can spend 1 point of Ki to heal using a recovery, and one enemy engaged with you of your choice takes the other half in fire damage.
Become the Dragon: When you drop a non-mook enemy to 0 hp with a finishing attack, you can spend 2 point of Ki to gain a second standard action during your next turn. You’re gathering power, preparing to unleash havoc, or doing something similar. If for some reason you decide to not take the extra standard action during your next turn, you get the point of Ki back, but can’t spend any more Ki this battle.


Kaisa was training as a Monk with The Three, when a traveling Oracle prophesied that she would be instrumental in bringing back the Grandmaster Flower icon. It was implied by the Oracle that Kaisa may be the next Grandmaster. The Three, being concerned about this, attempted to subdue Kaisa. She fled, with help from those working against The Three. She has been on the run since, attempting to figure out how to bring about her destiny.


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