Suvys Mistlasher

Elemental Assasin Ranger



Str: 19
Con: 17
Dex: 14
Int: 9
Wis: 12
Cha: 8


AC: 20
PD: 18


HP: 63
Recoveries: 8, 4d8+3


Basic Melee Attack

Attack: +9
Hit: 4d8 + 4
Miss: 8

Basic Ranged Attack

Attack: +7
Hit: 4d6 + 2
Miss: 4

Character Details:

One Unique Thing

I am a dragonborn trained from birth to be in the employ of the Crusader. Our team was designed as a group of elemental assassins against specific higher level demons. (See Bio for more details)

Icon Relationships:

3 Positive The Crusader

Racial Power

Breath Weapon: 1/Fight + 8 vs PD
Hit: 1 near enemy takes 4d6 Lightning DMG


Two Weapon Mastery
+1 ATK with 1 handed weapons

Lethal Hunter 1/Fight
Crit on 17-20 vs 1 enemy for entire battle

Double Melee Attack duel wield = 2 atks
dmg die drops to d6, if 1st atk is even, make 2nd atk


Lethal Hunter Crit Range is 17-20
Duel wield for double lvl miss dmg
Improved Initiative + 4
Toughness +3 HP


1x Machete & 1x Trident
4x Javelins, Snake leather armor
Compass, Telescope, Binoculars
1x black robe, 1x forest camo robe
1x urban camo robe
License To Kill


5 Elemental Assassin (Lightning)
3 Weather Oracle


Smoke and the smell of roasting flesh filled the dirt covered room. Everything had gone horribly horribly wrong. Instead of being woken for the standard morning training, his friends and teammates were pulled one by one from their cots and thrown into “The Pit”. The pit was for gladiators and criminals, it was for battles and gambling. “I don’t even fill my armor yet, why were we thrown in here?”

Suvys blinked away tears to clear his burning eyes only to find Xianthe, his roommate lying crumpled and charred in a heap. There was no way to escape the pit except for living, he knew this. He was alone with only his knife trembling in his tiny blue hand and he had to kill whatever was feasting In the distance. Suvys crept slowly to the body of his young friend. He touched the broken small form carefully. Xianthe’s back was ripped apart at the shoulder and a swath of flesh bubbled from knee to the small of his back. Xianthe was still clutching the Javelin he had prepared to launch when me must have been jumped from behind.

Suvys’ mind started racing.

“That means there is more than one, one what?!? CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP, I am going to die. Dude, quit freaking out. OK, OK, take his javelin, maybe you can use it on one and still have a knife to kill the others.”

Sparks clouded his vision. “Others, ohh god, breathe, I have to fucking breathe, calm down, argh, why am I breathing so loud."

Suvys exhaled slowly and took the javelin carefully from his young friend. He crept away from Xianthe. The sound of screams filled the hazy air. More of his team were here!

“The screams are probably just them fighting, OR… it is could also be a fifteen foot tall rampaging demon devouring them…”

Just as quickly as they had come, the screams faded and all that was left were his heartbeat and the sound of bones being ripped apart. His team was dead and he was alone in the haze filled pit. That is when he felt it, a tickle in the back of his mind. He was being watched. Was it a enemy or the magical view from the spectator seats?

“Focus Suvys” he told himself, “Remember your lessons. Javelin in the right hand, knife in the left” He inched toward the crunching bones. As the sulfur haze parted he saw his targets. Two wolves with brown and red fur were digging through his team. Smoke seemed to drift from their maw and bodies. Intent on their feast the wolves hadn’t noticed him yet. Suvys readied his javelin for the throw. He took a deep breath in. The beasts looked up and sniffed the air. He felt the eyes on him again. Now was his only chance. He let his breath out and launched the javelin at the closest form. It sailed true and ripped through the creature’s neck, pinning it to the ground as it slumped over.

In an instant the second beast was racing toward him. It lept and pinned him to the ground. He stabbed it with all his might, lodging the knife in its neck. The wolf thrashed and bit twisting the blade within itself. Teeth grazed his right forearm as he tried to protect his body. He was barely holding on when the knife slipped from the beasts neck and from Suvys’ left hand. Hot blood rushed from the creature and covered him. The beast knowing its death was near took one final deep sulfury breath. With no other choice, he pulled back his right fist and punched the beast with all its might. A jet of flame burst from the creature’s mouth, singing Suvys’ clothes. With a final snort he heard its chest rattle and the wolf grew still on top of him. Something was wrong, he could still feel himself being watched, they hadn’t called the match over and now he was trapped. The eyes were certainly not from just the spectators.

Lured by the sounds of fighting and smells of blood one more wolf came sauntering out of the haze. It’s golden eyes stared at Suvys and it licked its lips. There was no challenge in its eyes, just calculating hunger and Suvys knew in that instant he was going to die. The wolf ran, lept with jaws wide and ready to rip into him Suvys, threw his arm forward to protect himself and screamed. Light filled his vision and the world went blank.


Suvys woke to find himself back in the infirmary. His arms ached, his side burned and yet somehow he was still alive. His commanding officer was sitting next to him with a grin on his face. Why was he smiling, how was he smiling, those in the employ of The Crusader don’t smile..ever.

“What happened?”

“Well Suvys I have to hand it to you. I didn’t think any of you were going to survive. Congratulations on passing your first test. This is how we determine which of you is worthy to start formal training.”

“But I thought that is what we have been training for all along, what we were born to do?”

“Heh, you were all sure born to train with us, but no one ever said that all of you would survive that training. Funny isn’t it. As to how you got out of the pit, you probably don’t remember much of those last moments. It looks like you have finally matured enough to start using your breath weapon. We figure anyone else not able to use it then, probably didn’t deserve to continue training anyway. Welcome to puberty kid, you will meet with the quartermaster tomorrow for some new gear and then back to be to be assigned to your new team.”

Suvys trained for many years after that day. His new team focused on stealth, long range attacks and rough up close hand to hand fighting. He would never let himself caught by hellhounds or other demons again. His team was often sent on on assassination jobs together. Sometimes they lost people but that was to be expected and be began to understand why it was better for someone to die early rather than be saved and mess up a future job. He finally understood the humor of his captain on that day.

The time came though when the advisers handed him the details for a different looking job. This one he would be killing alone, no time limit. This was one final assassination to secure his rank and pay-grade, one final test. He packed up his gear and set out to complete his task knowing that his death was the only thing that could stop him.

Suvys Mistlasher

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