Saren Darkstar


Wood Elf


Grew up in the Queen’s Wood.
Born into a noble family. The Darkstar family is renowned in the Queen’s Wood as a lineage of mages. He spent quite a bit of time as a youth reading books about arcane lore. But unfortunately did not develop any magical talent like his other family members.
Eventually worked as a healer in the court of the stars.
Until one fateful day. He was sent on a mission into the wilderness. He was part of an investigation force looking into attacks on an outpost by a yet unknown enemy. He provided healing and support for the troops and citizens present at the outpost. The enemy was discovered to be agents of the Lich King looking for some long forgotten relic.
They tracked the enemy back to a cavern but it was too late. The relic was securely in the hands of the Lich King’s agents. Having no choice we had to fight and try to claim this relic in the name of the Queen and all that is good.
Unfortunately we were heavily outnumbered, fighting a losing battle back out the cave. By some miracle, whether it was luck or some divine intervention looking out, he was the only one that made it out alive, but just barely. When he arrived back at the outpost it had been burned to the ground.
He wandered through the wilderness for several days hunted by the undead minions of the Lich King When he chanced upon an ancient ruin. As soon as he was inside the confines of the old structure, the attempts on his life suddenly stopped. After spending a few days resting and exploring the area, he found a shrine to a long forgotten god. Having a good feeling about the situation he spent a while in prayer and meditation. That night he received a vision of a brilliant light as bright and intense as the Sun. It coalesced into the shape great dragon, made entirely of light. It was then at that moment he knew he was communicating to a god. An ancient god from the begining of time. In exchange for its powers he must follow the tenets of the Sun.
After making his way back to civilization, he went on several pilgrimages and exploring the rest of the Dragon Kingdom.

Magic Items

Symbol of Gathered SunlIght +2 (Recharge on full heal up)
When you use this symbol during a quick rest, you regain an expended daily adventurer-level spell (1st or 3rd level, in practice) (champion: champion-level spell, 5th or 7th).
Quirk: Has one-track mind.

Saren Darkstar

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