Magic Items List

Quirk reminder: only applies when you have more magic items than your level


  • +1 Wand of Mindbending: When you cast an arcane attack spell using this wand, you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage with that spell if it targets Mental Defense. Quirk: Uses pedantically circumlocutious phraseology.
  • +2 Demonbane Staff: When you cast an arcane attack spell using this staff, double the critical threat range against demons. Quirk: Says out loud the thing everyone else is thinking but won’t admit to.
  • +1 Robes of Clever Step (light armor): You gain a +4 bonus to all defenses against opportunity attacks. Quirk: Likes to dance little jigs.
  • Ring of the Skin of Your Teeth (recharge 6+): When an enemy attacks you, subtract 1 from the natural attack roll after seeing it. Quirk: Regularly finds copper pieces and other minor valuables on the ground.
  • Eternity Ring (Daily): You may use an interrupt action that would normally require a trigger or cost, ignoring the trigger or cost. Quirk: Drums fingers when idle.
  • +2 Wizard’s Hat of Conjuration: Once per day, you can pull a useful non-magical common item out of this hat. The item must be able to fit through the brim of the hat, so you couldn’t pull out a siege engine or a horse. You could, though, produce a sword, or length of chain, or a saw, or a delicate vase decorated with salacious paintings of frolicking kobolds. The hat can also produce small living creatures, like rabbits or cats or doves or maybe even the aforementioned frolicking kobolds. Quirk: Kleptomania; you unconsciously steal items and stick them inside your hat. Sometimes, you can’t find them again afterwards.
  • +2 Cloak of Evasion (recharge 6+): When you take damage from an opportunity attack, take 40 less damage from it. Quirk: You can’t answer a question directly even if you want to.


  • +1 Plate Mail of Stone Flesh: The default AC bonus applies to Physical Defense as
    well. Quirk: Extremely stubborn.
  • + 1 Hammer (melee weapon – recharge 6+): When you make a basic attack with this weapon, gain a +4 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn (champion: +5; epic: +6). Quirk: Has urges to watch over the helpless or innocent.
  • Boots of Ferocious Charge: Whenever you move to engage a foe first and then make a melee attack against it during the same turn, you deal +1d6 damage, hit or miss. Disengage checks and other checks involving fancy footwork: +1


  • +1 Sharp Hammer of Abandon: You deal +2d6 damage with your first
    attack each battle using this weapon. Quirk: Blurts out obscenities.
  • +1 Chain Mail of Perfection: You gain a +1 bonus to all defenses while at maximum hit points. Quirk: Made uneasy by the sight of blood.
  • Cloak or Recovery (quick action – recharge 16+): You heal using a recovery and add +4 hp to the total. Physical defense: +1. Quirk: You grow small extra appendages that slowly wither away over days or weeks.


  • 1 Glazentorg the Bloody: (Recharge 11) when you hit with an attack that uses this weapon and you stagger or drop an enemy, make another attack this turn as a free action.
    Quirk: Speaks in a low and unnatural growling voice.
  • +1 Chain Mail of Iron Will: The default AC bonus applies to Mental Defense as well. Quirk: Prone to abstract speculation.
  • Stalwart Cloak (recharge 16+): When an attack against your Physical Defense hits, make the attacker reroll the attack and use a PD of 15 instead (champion: 20; epic: 25). Physical defense: +1. Quirk: Always the last to retreat or avoid danger.


  • 1 Armor of Heedlessness: You gain a +4 bonus to all defenses during your
    first turn in battle. Quirk: Needlessly provocative.
    1 Javelin of Greater Striking: While the escalation die is 3+, you deal +1d8 damage whenever you hit with this weapon. Quirk: Favors iron and steel, seeing little beauty in gold or gems.
  • Necklace of Barclaws (recharge 11+): When you hit with a melee attack while you’re staggered, gain 10 temporary hit points. +1 to saves at 10 HP or fewer. Quirk: Swaggers even when overmatched.


  • Pendant of the Dragon (Recharge 11+): When you hit with a melee attack while staggered, gain 10 temporary HP. Quirk: Swaggers, even when overmatched
  • 1 Tunic of Warding: You gain resistance 12 against attacks targeting Physical Defense or Mental Defense. Quirk: Repeats stories over and over.
  • Belt of Brutal Vigor (recharge 6+): When you rally, make a basic attack. Quirk: Plays with their weapons (cracks knuckles maybe?).
  • 1 Bracers of Dexterous Parry(functions as a monk ‘melee’ weapon – recharge 11): When an enemy you are engaged with hits you while you’re wielding this weapon, make a Dexterity check against the attacker’s MD. If you succeed, the attack misses instead. Quirk: Jumpy and suspicious.


  • Sash of Suppleness (recharge 6+): + A silky sash worn as a belt. When an attack hits your AC and deals 16 damage or less, change that hit into a miss (epic: 40 damage or less). +2 recoveries. Quirk: Always stretching, even when it would be more polite or sensible to not be doing so.
  • Insignia of the Ebon Gauntlet (recharge 16+): This necklace changes shape and jewels depending on the race of the wearer. When you use this necklace, you gain another use of your racial power in the battle. +1 to saves when you have 25 hp or fewer (champion). Quirk: Sometimes unwittingly speaks in a language that sounds like it could be the original language of their race, if anyone else could understand it.
  • Armor of the Ebon Gauntlet: +2 AC. The default AC bonus applies to Physical Defense as well. Quirk: Extremely stubborn.

Magic Items List

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